Ken interviews and captures the audio for his Howard Chaykin and Bill Sienkiewicz interview at the Big Apple Con.
There was a guy in the audience who was video taping-- but we didn't get his info.
Click on the above photos to see bigger!
Please contact Rachel if you'd like to offer your footage to go along with the audio recording and for fun perks and trades.
New: Ken has recently interviewed Ernie Colon about the 9/11 Commission
comic and also touching on some of his career. We have good digital audio recording
and have received video footage from a fan video recording that was shot at the same time.
We hope to have some still photos and merged (audio and video) clips to show you soon!
These photos are from Rachel on Saturday of the convention.
Bill Sienkiewicz
seemed to be
having just as
much fun
listening to
thoughts on
Ken chatting with Jonathan Syphax of the CatchDaCraze crew.
Rachel at San Diego Con pictured with George Clayton Johnson, Henry Covert, and Sunni Brock