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This was live-streamed on the internet and podcast now.

A letter from Ken Gale:

Yeah, I know it's been a while since I interviewed comics creators on the
radio, but it still happens!  In the middle of the day this time!  
The current archived show is up in three parts at the
WBAI archive on Jan. 17 '07.
Starting at 11:08 am in the 11 am archive and continuing....

You can play or download from the above link and show titles or play directly from
these temporary links:
- play by clicking on show name

part 1:  starts at 11:08 am Public Affairs Special  
part 2: 12pm Global Medicine Review
part 3: 1pm Positive Mind

About this show:

It's a Combination Special of my show Eco-Logic (Tuesday mornings 11 AM)
and Harry Allen's show Nonfiction (Friday afternoons 2 PM). We discuss
environmental issues, art and communication with Seth Tobocman, Nicole
Schulman, Mac McGill, Tom Keough and James Romberger.  They're three
editors and five writer / artists from World War 3 Illustrated magazine. They are
masters at using sequential art to convey and succinctly explain complex
political and social ideas and the latest issue (#37) is mostly on
environmental issues.  They've also had art in Vertigo comics, the N Y
Times, the New Yorker, various graphic novels, the Amsterdam News, The
Progressive and many art galleries in the U.S. and Europe including the
United Nations and Museum of Modern Art.

Among the issues discussed on the show are fossil fuel, breast cancer,
global warming, nuclear power, oil addiction, rebuilding New Orleans after
Hurricane Katrina, the war in Iraq, Coral Reefs and renewable energy
history. The magazine itself has even more. It's WBAI Membership Drive time
and the magazine and an extended cd set (with "deleted scenes") of the
interviews will be our premium.

You may still be able to order this!
Info and Links:
1. To hear podcasts of other  past shows, follow the link from

2. Ken Gale moderated panel for MoCCa Mondays on October 23rd
2006. The topic was be gay creators and gay issues in comic books and
comic strips. We recorded an "achieve" level video with two cameras,
and hope to have some clips up soon. The
panel was presented in partnership with the Gay Men's Health Crisis,
and at the up coming Big Apple Con some of the guests have tables
and be on a panel.

3. A free one minute sample of the DVD version of 'Nuff Said! with
exclusive interviews with Mike Kaluta, Mike Oeming, Sean Chen &
Louis Small, Jr. is posted on Ken's web site in several formats so you
can see it whether you have dial-up, a mac or a pc. It has a little of
each artist interview:

Orders from Diamond have already been filled, but it
can be re-ordered even if your store didn't order it the first time.

Midtown Comics, Cosmic Comics, Jim Hanley's Universe and The
Time Machine in New York City, Mile High Comics Online Store, and
30th Century Comics in London, England also have copies for sale.

Let us know if you've reviewed it and Ken will link to you on the web page.. Rachel will link to Evolved
Friends Productions.

Reviews of the dvd are starting to pop up on the net. The latest
one is by Jen Contino for Pulse on

You can also go directly to the article (and post your comments)
by clicking
What I usually hear is about the DVD is "I want more, when's the
next one coming out?"which people only say about things they like.
Yes, we DO have more material ready to go for another dvd.
All the artists who are in it like the dvd, which is pretty important.
The guys at Secret Identity say, "... a great, great introduction
to comic shows and creator interviews."
Chuck Rozanski owner of Mile High Comics referred
to me as an uberfan and wrote: "a fantastic new
DVD...especially for dedicated comics fans."
Mike Lilly wrote on April 21st 2006, "Just viewed Ken Gale's 'Nuff Said!
dvd. Very cool production. And the club music, I wish they played some tunes
at the shows to get people pumped up and I'd love to see more of Kaluta's
interview. He's one of my heroes."
Keep visiting my 'Nuff Said! website for more information and
announcements, and updated convention appearances and interview events!
Ken Gale and 'Nuff Said! Radio
(Executive Producer, Host, Interviewer.
Comic-book and comic strips radio magazine on WBAI-FM since 1993)
Ken and a mini- bio of Ken are
featured on page 71 of
Fly's new book PEOPS
ISBN 1887128824 or check your
"graphic novels" section at Barnes &
Excerpt From Daily News Article

"Most kids don't buy comics today," says Ken Gale, host of the WBAI comics
show 'Nuff Said!' "So most comics aren't written for kids anymore."

In Europe and Japan, Gale says, comic artists are treated like movie directors.
Their work is analyzed and respected.

Here, we tip our hats more to a $100 million movie than to the 30 or 40 years of
comic art that developed the character[The Hulk].

Happily, the urge to draw is strong. Artists keep creating quality comics...
Visit Ken's website for guest archives
- there's 18 pages now!
more press: Ken's interview with Vin Sullivan
was excerpted and transcribed for Alter Ego #27, August
Some appeared earlier, in Alter Ego Vol. 3 #10.
See More
Still Pictures
Of Comic Book
click here to go to
1 minute teaser
Mercy Van Vlack
(Co-Executive Producer, Senior News Editor,
Staff Writer Co-Host/Interviewer)
Creative Director and
co-publisher of EVOLUTION
COMICS, including participating
in promotional efforts, publicity
interviews, personal appearances.
interviewed/quoted in
Edited by Andrew Kaplan
Comic Book Publisher Chapter
Out of Print, but Available
in limited quantities at
Laura Antoniou's book, Some Women.
(contains adult material)
exhibited in
the Leather Archives in Chicago:
"Kink, a Woman's Perspective"
"A Different Light" in New York City.
published in
Evolution Comics
Richie Rich Comics
Street Fighter Comic
Puritan Magazine
Malibu Comics
more about Mercy...
Rachel Kadushin
(Co-Executive Producer, Developed By
credit, Story Editor)
Now Blogging at
published in
Theater Resources Unlimited
Good Guys Wear Fangs
segments for 'Nuff Said! with Ken
and Mercy
Staged Readings
Comic Book Panels
Theater-Film Production Panel
more information...
preview of creator-owned
(the first two issues can be ordered
and are in stock at Jim Hanley's
Universe and
the Time Machine in NYC)
Heroes In
Check Out These Links For More
Curt Swan: My Favorite Cover Conference by Ken
Gale with Mercy Van Vlack
Essay on the inspiration of E. Nelson Bridwell in creating Evolution
See the large version of the cover and read Mercy's thoughts
on comics for women
Promotional efforts have included going to trade and consumer
shows to present multiple consumer-media projects,
store signings (NYC, NYS, NJ, NC, GA, TX, FL, CT, PA) and
appearing as a guest for interviews and live broadcasts.
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PRESS AND PUBLICITY - updated 1/25/07  - page  going over overhall.
click here for: convention and event photos
click here for: photos stills from video shoots
PRESS AND PUBLICITY - updated 1/25/07  - page  going over overhall.
click here for: convention and event photos
click here for: photos stills from video shoots
PRESS AND PUBLICITY - updated 1/25/07  - page  going over overhall.
click here for: convention and event photos
click here for: photos stills from video shoots