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Excerpted from Chuck Rozanski's Mile High Comics newsletter in early December 2005:

"My final item for today is a plug for a fantastic new DVD created at my
urging especially for dedicated comics fans. Ever since 1993, uber comics
fan Ken Gale has been interviewing comics creators for his 'Nuff Said!
radio show. In a step in a slightly different direction, Ken recently
combined his talents with those of [Videographer, Director and Editor Robert W. Cabell,]
Mercy Van Vlack and Rachel Kadushin to create a video version of his show.
This particular DVD was created out of a trip made to the Big Apple comics
convention, and features interviews with Michael Kaluta, Mike Avon Oeming,
Sean Chen, and Louis Small, Jr. So far, so good.

But what really caught my eye when I first saw footage from this DVD, was just how
well it captured the excitement and energy of the convention. It's not just
a series of boring interviews cobbled together, but rather a very
fast-moving journey through the dealer's area of the convention, showing
shots of not only the particular creators I already mentioned, but also
quick interviews with some of the dealers attending the show.
[The executive producers largely credit R.W. Cabell, our director and
primary editor, for this.

If you've never before been to a comics convention, or if you want to see a great
view of what the Big Apple Convention looks like, this DVD is for you!

To make a long story short, I was so impressed with how well this DVD
presented the convention that I immediately asked whether we could obtain
some copies for all of you. It took some doing to make this DVD available,
as no one had yet put the process into motion to have mass copies of the
DVD pressed....

Because we're the only comics dealer signed up to sell this item right now,
the initial production run is going to be very limited.

It is a great bargain, however, as DVD runs only about 12 minutes, so cost to
you is only $9.95 plus shipping. What a deal!

....Order your copy today, before the initial pressing sells out. You don't
want to miss viewing this great convention video!

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc."

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You can now get it at Midtown Comics which has two locations in
Manhattan (probably on their website soon), or you can order the
DVD now from
milehighcomics.com where it is currently in stock.


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