Luis Sierra - Easy-Going Illustrator With Style

bio text by Winston Blakely

Luis sierra is a talented artist who lives in the Bronx.

One of his biggest inspirations was when he went to SVA in Manhattan or better known as the School of Visual Arts.

It was there that he learned sequential panel art or story telling art by Will Eisner, who is the creator of the famous detective The Spirit.

While getting his story telling technique, together, another one of his teachers were Harvey Kurtzman who taught media art that Would be paste up and layout for magazines and newspapers.

After college, Mr. Sierra found himself doing freelance art with a group of friends.

He [Mr. sierra] soon found himself meeting various artists which lead him to the wonderful world of comics.

While working on his own personal projects, Sierra was penciling stories from Rich Buckler's Visage Studios.

One of these projects developed into a Millennium Publishing comic called Little Miss Strange. Soon after that assignment came the Countess Vladirmira book from the Brainstorm Comics.

Right now, Mr. Sierra has a vampire book available in stores Entitled MalaNoche which translated from Spanish means,
Bad night.

Taking a break from comics every now and then, Luis has done cartooning work for underground magazines.

One in particular is Color Magazine where his art is featured in articles and the editorial section.

His group affiliation is with Creative One comics, who attends
The Mocca comic shows and of course the Big Apple Comic Conventions in New York City.

Sequential Page Composed by Luis Seirra for MalaNoche #1.

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