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The Independents (Indies) And Where You Can Find Out More

this page is a work in progress - suggestions appreciated, but not all suggestions or submissions will appear

I enjoy sequential storytelling. My "friends" page was starting to get crowded with comic book related links. A few will be repeated here, but basically this page will be divided between links to web pages for comic book artists, writers and publishers, and a few pages where comic books are discussed and reviewed. I will add mini-reviews of individual titles from me or from e-mails sent to me, plus miscellaneous notes.

New Links:

Two New Comics Magazines with Pod Casts and Commentary:

Catchdacraze - They write and draw their own variety of kid-friendly and mature comics, but the guys from Crazee Comics want to promote independent creators - or comics and music creators who have an interesting, fresh point of view. Growth in the arts is good for all. Friendly environment with forums. Check it out.

matmancomics - Posts fan-submitted articles and interviews, host matman also has in-house articles and views.



PencilJack comics resources links

Jerry Craft's MAMA'S BOYZ cartoon strip and book collection.

note: Family Fun with teenaged boys and extended family. Laughs, story and a few comments on scoeity, here and there.

  Home of Brotherman and Dawud Anyabwile and Guy A. Sims, animaiton designer and writer; and how to draw video for kids

POSRO MEDIA home of Roland Laird and Taneshia Nash Laird

  Comic Book News: Editorially Moderated at

Comic Book News: Reporters and Post Your Own at

mocca's online comic art exibit

note: all on the theme of ducks, MoCCa's picks for top 50 comic book artists

note: Creator of the very poetic and literary Narcissa graphic novel, adult indie anthologies, and various animation characters/design.



note: Indie Fun! Site has flash shorts before getting to the point. These guys are really dedicated to their craft.

Carl Kent and Shawn Atkinson

Vist Michael William Kaluta's website: Talking at first about Modern Comics web-strip families and then everything else. Worth checking out and participating. The museum of Black Superheroes plus updates on the next East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention this May 19rh and 20th 2006. The convention now also has its own website at
Greatest Number of Local Comic Book Conventions:


Now located at Penn Plaza Pavilion, across the street from Madison Square Garden

Inquire about table space for indie creators and publishers.


Buzz, Jill Tompson, Mark Texeria, Alex Ross, Gary Gianni, David Michael Beck, Adam Hughs, Doug Brathwaite, Angel Medina, Wilson Tortosa, Sal Abbinati, links to E-Bay auctions of featured pros, and a comic book store locator!

note: I've met buzz and Mark Texeria, they both seem like fun guys, and let us not forget the incredible artwork. Go visit!

note: nice digest sized black and white hand-made comic, "Once a Gangster" combines sf and pulp. Art is a hybrid between manga and American Pulp/near realistic

note: Could Myatt Murphy's story Fade From Blue be adapted into the next variation on a theme to television's successful "Friends" with a little bit of action adventure on the horizon (Friends meets Alias)? Very likely. home of "Zephyr and Reginald: Minions For Hire" comic strips, sequential art, and text stories plus other creations and fun links of comics, sf, and gamer fans Gynn Stella and Rick Silva.   Comic WidowsComic Widows, a fan-to-pro magazine about the world of comics on line.
Danny Fingeroth, the editor of Write Now! and former editor of Spider-Man is teaching writing comics and graphic novels at New York University continuing education and has written "Superman on the Couch, What Superheroes Really Tell Us About Ourselves and Our Society."   Home of NIA - Teen Comic and Cartoonist-Writer Len Gillams

note: Teen characters in contemporary situations with real problems.

Crazy Mama Productions aka

note: Elena Steier introduced herself as the only mother-son comic book company, and pointed out her son, talking to someone next to her. Features a variety of stories and comics for different ages and tastes.

  Stickman Graphics

note: Some of the nicest looking commerical audience indie comics and home of Kevin Tinsley, the author of "Digital Prepress for Comic Books"

Bob the Angry Flower - cartoon strips, blog

note: I was at the MoCCA expo when this dark haired man stalked by wearing a giant flower petal wreath around his head and an angry expression. "Now there's an angry flower," I thought. When I got home I realized I had a flyer for the above named cartoon strip. Just remember while angry can be funny, it can also be offensive, so don't say I didn't warn you. Cartoonist's blog is well written.


Informal Survey for Comic Book Readers



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