Alex has a secret identity. He's not a career criminal.
If this former undercover FBI agent doesn't learn how to be a team
player soon, it could cost him more than just his life.
Special Thanks are due to Patrick Salmon
and Mark Elson who consulted with Rachel
Kadushin during one of the development
periods for the feature  film.
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Former deep cover FBI agent Alex
Beniaminio runs compulsive surveillance
on the bad guys he didn't catch, assists in
protective, vigilante activities with a guy
who faked his own death, and has to deal
with his family and home neighborhood
thinking he's a career criminal... and then
he gets into even more trouble!
Special Thanks to:
Roberta Dale - poet, photographer, artist
You can see one of her poems with a collage posted on the wall
at the White Horse Tavern in New York City.
Special Thanks to:
Roberta Rogow, Lisa Savignano, Sundar Natarajan, and
Jemir Johnson for their help duriing the first development
period for the feature film!

Chase and Hunt @

for being the first "seed" investor for the development phase.
It's great when a colleague in an artist media, like a
writer-publisher of independent comics can really "get it" from
one of their contemporaries.
Special Thanks to: