Metatron, A Philosophical Cabaret

A Philosophical Cabaret

2002 by Eric Lurio and Rachel Kadushin


The pilot is both registered with the WGA, East and the Library of Congress. Additionally, the series outline is registered with the WGA, East. The visual characters are copyright by Eric Lurio and both the pilot and the series outlined are co-copyright and co-registered with co-author Rachel Kadushin
“X-Files” type plotting collides with not-so-dainty fairies, fuzzy-things with attitude, and the very real-world rape and murder of a young woman by well-known crook pretending to be a preacher. Yeah, for television, we're talking TV-PG.

We have structured the series into story arcs suitable for television movies, direct to video, or foreign animation feature release.


Design for the principle characters have been drawn by journalist-cartoonist Eric Lurio, author and illustrator of several published satirical cartoon books: A Cartoon Guide to the Constitution of the United States and A Fractured History of the Discovery of America. Eric also writes movie reviews, political articles, articles about animation projects, and the occasional debunking of fake archeologists.



It has been said few labor harder than the working rich. The price of extreme wealth and power, is constant, unceasing effort. This is Metatron's lot. Metatron's personality is like a combination of Lou Grant and Archie Bunker... on a bad day. He may look cute and cuddly at times, but this lord high seraph can have all the attitude of Darth Vader.

Running a concern spanning galaxies is extremely difficult. Being in six places at the same time, even more so -- especially when your six selves tend to argue with each other. There is a side of Metatron which is like the nice side of Lou Grant on a good day, really. Unfortunately, the worst side of him makes Freddy Kruger look like Mister Rogers.

Hyasynthe, a flower angel

Job satisfaction is rare in a business that can best be described as a nuclear power plant staffed by preschoolers. Hyasynthe's meadow is pretty much a corporate anarchy. Sure there are rank and status levels, but the “upper management” does not provide much direction. Rather, those above take what they want, and return only criticism.

As nanny, boss, technician, wiper of runny noses, comforter and high executioner, Hyasynthe is proud the meadow actually runs smoothly and efficiently. She has time for leisure and there hasn't been even the hint of a mutiny for ages.

Even though Hyasynthe is almost seven thousand years old, she has only been of human-like intelligence for a relatively short time; half a century or so. According to her elders, Hyasynthe hasn't really “ripened” yet.

Hyasynthe doesn't agree. This is her greatest frustration. Hyasynthe has much responsibility, but never seems to have an effect on how things are really run.

However, Hyasynthe has the respect of her peers and the trust of her local, terrestrial “superiors.” Hyasynthe also wants it the other way around as well. Hyasynthe's suggestions for improvement meet with paternal indifference. Usually, the best Hyasynthe can hope for is the corporate manager types will leave her alone.

character teasers!

Sallianne Blowfield

Sally has just finished the ninth grade. She managed to get on the field hockey team despite her wooden leg, and actually got more B's than C's this year. She even got a one A.

Sally's father, whom she sees maybe once a month or so, is in rehab again. He was drunk during the accident that took her leg. Although it is easier to walk with a pegleg, Sally would have preferred a natural looking leg. Her family couldn't afford the rehab time it would take.

One stepfather tried to rape her once. Another would beat her up occasionally. Her current stepfather just thinks she is a pain, and spends more time with her two younger, hyperactive, half-brothers.

Sally's chain-smoking mother became a religious fanatic a few months back, and wants the whole family to get more religion.

But Sally's mom doesn't discriminate too much. She takes Sally to every traveling side-show of a religous revival that gets within driving distance of home. To Sally, her mother is a `wacko' she just has to listen to. All Sally really wants is to run way to Nashville where all the opportunities are with her boyfriend Chuck. But right now she's fourteen and has to listen to her mother.


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