Information About Ruben Caldwell

Ruben Caldwell has been involved with media for over 20 years. A member of multiple fandoms on both coasts, he worked in his college media lab with video staging and recording. In his day jobs he has worked with computers and digital communication including video conference production and maintenance. As a fannish writer, Ruben has contributed to both U.S. and Canadian publications. More recently, he has been a guest and staff member of several regional conventions. In addition to this, Ruben has been a guest and guest co-host on Ken Gale's 'Nuff Said! radio program giving his take on the comics industries and the fandoms that support it.

Ruben Caldwell

photo credit: Rich Hamburg
photo-edits: Rachel Kadushin


Ruben co-produced and co-designed the "Sound-Off
Comic Book Survey" with Rachel Kadushin which
culminated in a panel at the San Diego Comic Con International.

Ruben co-created and co-wrote the Heroes In Birmingham
comic book series with Rachel Kadushin.

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