Alex has a secret identity. He's not a career criminal.
If this former undercover FBI agent doesn't learn how to be a team
player soon, it could cost him more than just his life.
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Alex Beniamino has been undercover so long, that the general
public thinks he's a bad guy. He runs surveillance on the bad-guys
that he didn't catch, even after his big case has closed. Alex is
friendly with
Jared Howard, his immediate supervisor in the
F.B.I., and he has a side business going on with a former
government assassin-turned-vigilante named
Edur Danal.

Without official backup, even Edur Danal missing for some time,
Alex asks the wrong people the wrong questions about missing
Amnesty International workers and missionaries. He's grabbed,
beaten, gift wrapped, and dumped into a plane headed for some
unknown Colombian power in South America. The wreckage that
the thugs leave behind makes it look like a gang revenge killing
of some kind.

Jared Howard can't accept the evidence means Alex is dead.
Jonathan Coleman, the F.B.I. head of their syndicates
surveillance and operations unit, thinks it is a lost cause. Howard
wants time to find out if Alex is really alive. But Coleman gives
Howard a priority assignment: to assemble a new team for
undercover work from a roster of recently trained special agents.
Howard must find a way to follow his orders and find Alex.

Alex will be hard to find. While trying to escape the plane, he
accidentally forces it down into waters next to unknown shores.
And maybe he was hit in the head too many times, because he
keeps seeing and hearing Edur Danal. Edur insists that he was
killed by a hit and run driver, and he is on a mission from
The Last Bar. Since it seems that Edur can only talk
to Alex, delusion or not, Alex needs to find his own way home.
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The lead female roles:

Pearl-Anne Beniamino, Alex's "hot mom."
She has been almost out of her son's life
while he's been undercover. Now that he's
off assignment, but still has a public identity
she can see him -- but they both have to be
careful. Pearl-Anne knows the score, but the
rest of their family doesn't. When Alex
disappears  she's on the case, covering what  
she knows and in touch with Jared Howard.

Special Agent Miss Corwin has been a
back-up on surveillance and undercover
missions, involved in clean-up and routine
activities. Now she's Jared Howard's trusted,
direct assistant, going out on a few point
missions that he can't trust anyone else to
follow up on, until they find out exactly what
happened to Alex.
storyboard images by Mercy Van Vlack
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Former deep cover FBI agent Alex
Beniaminio runs compulsive surveillance
on the bad guys he didn't catch, assists in
protective, vigilante activities with a guy
who faked his own death, and has to deal
with his family and home neighborhood
thinking he's a career criminal... and then
he gets into even more trouble!